Saturday, March 27, 2010

Astorians Do It Better

I thought this might be an appropriate for my first post of the blog. This is a recent shirt made using freezer paper ironed on to a t-shirt. The freezer paper has a shiny and a dull side. When layed on fabric and gone over with an iron, the freezer paper adheres to the shirt/fabric. It makes a perfect and cheap stencil. I used fabric paint to color in the letters, but have also used silk-screening inks with a paint brush with great results as well. I used the Sure Cuts Alot Program with the Cricut to cut the lettering out. Just remember if you are going to make a shirt using the freezer paper as a stencil and you have lettering, you have to flip and reverse the image/letters you want to cut out. I forgot to do this and the lettering came out backwards. Even if you cut it out by hand, you just want to make sure that when you lay the freezer paper down that the images appears correct once you go over with it with the paint.

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