Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A YuDu Day...Screen Printing My Tail Off

Have spent most of the day making t-shirts. My good friends have a live show coming up this Friday and I have been screen printing some shirts with their logo so they can sell them at the show.

I have been on a roll. Over 25 shirts made so far and 10 more to go. Needed to wash the screen and take a break and thought this would be a perfect time to make a blog posting.

I really enjoy the YuDu machine. At times it can get frustrating, it can be very temperamental. But the more projects I do the easier it gets. Sometimes I feel I forget all the tricks and tips I learn from each screen printing run. My problem is I never write anything down, so I find myself relearning a bit each time I use it. It has been a great investment and don't think I would able to complete projects like this any other way. For large productions of shirts, like I am doing now, this machine is awesome. I don't think it is cost effective if you want to make one of a kind shirts. Though I have heard you can use the freezer paper method with the YuDu screens. I haven't tried this yet but will in the future. I have made a shirt by applying vinyl to the screen instead of the emulsion sheet, but this method would only last for a few shirts. There are some great videos about using the YuDu on Youtube. This is where I have learned most of my techniques. If you have a YuDu or want to buy a YuDu and have questions, please feel free to email me or comment and I will try and help the best I can.

And here is an upclose shot of their logo. Please check them out. You can visit and learn more about them at SundayMorningMimosa.com. They have a podcast on Itunes and perform live shows across New York, and hopefully the world soon. They are described as "The World's First Character Driven Comedy Podcast!" You can listen to thier weekly show for free, just search for them on Itunes!


  1. Love their logo.
    Your logo came out nice and clean. Good Job.
    They sound like a fun night.