Monday, September 13, 2010

Best Party Ever!!! & Cricut Imagine Tonight

I had the best birthday celebration on Friday night and I wanted to share a few pics. It was really amazing, my guy did such a great job putting everything together. I had a "Step & Repeat" I felt so fancy, lol, like a celebrity. So many of my friends came, it was just amazing. I had an 80's Themed 30th and so many people came dressed up in 80's fashion, it was the best!

Here's me and my Neon Outfit:

The gift table with 80's Vintage Toys (Mall Madness!!!!)

And I had my own logo!!! Designed by my friend Stevie!
(check his website StevieNyc)

I had so much fun, can't wait to make a scrapbook of all the crazy pics from that night.

Now onto the Imagine, I am excited to see the premier tonight on HSN. Even though I have to be up for work early and its airing so late. I'm still debating if I'm going to get, most likely. I got some monies from my party to go towards the cost. I guess if I'm not that impressed I can just return to HSN! We will see...


It does look pretty, lol. And I love HP!


  1. Happy Birthday! The party looked awesome! I didn't know that the Imagine would be on HSN tonight. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Happy Birthday Beau!!!
    What a sweetie, putting on a fun birthday for you. :)