Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cricut Imagine Card with Mini Monsters & Close To My Heart Hooligans Line (Also use of RBG codes, CTMH RBG Codes)

I got a couple more Cricut Imagine projects done this evening. So far I am really liking the Imagine. I am excited for them to bring out new updates and options in the future.

Many people have been asking and posting about which type of cardstock they have been using to print on. So far I have been using cardstock from Michaels. The Recollections brand. Its a good weight, and when you catch on sale it can be really cheap. I've been using both the 8 X 11 1/s and the 12 X 12. I'm interested in seeing how prints will look on textured cardstock, like Bazzill or Die Cuts With a View. But don't want to waste any ink just yet, hopefully the ink carts won't be too hard to find when mine run out.

So while cruising the web and recalling great features of the Imagine I started to look for the RBG codes of the Close To My Heart colors. I've been a consultant with them for a little over 6 months and seeing this machine as a new way to use my CTMH products more. I think being able to enter you own custom colors is awesome. And it is super easy.  

Here is the website I found:

I printed this list as a reference to keep near my Imagine. This is such a great options and allows you to really match and coordinated all your projects when you don't have a certain color cardstock. I really like using colored card bases but hate to use the colored cardstock (feels like I'm wasting it). I feel like I have to save the matching cardstock, especially from the paper kits from CTMH because I feel I might need it for something. But using the Imagine with the RBG codes let you always have the right colors with just using white cardstock. Its so great. Here is the first project I made using the RBG technique:

Monster Card:

Items used for this are:
Mini Monsters Cart
Hooligans Level 2 paper pack (found here)
Buttons from Mini-Medley Accents Sunset Collection (found here)
Black Waxy Flax (found here)
3-D Foam Tape (found here)

The card was super easy to make. All I did was add the layers to the Imagine screen and then adjusted the colors of each layer according to the RBG codes I had for the colors I wanted to use. The Hooligans line features the colors Gypsy, Lagoon, Pear, and Sunset. So according to the website I listed the RBG codes were as followed:

Gypsy (R-128 G-113 B-180)
Lagoon (R-0 G-184 B-186)
Pear (R-163 G-205 B-105)
Sunset (R-241 G-137 B-86)

Overall the RBG codes worked really well. The Lagoon color that was printed according to the web address did not match up correctly. Its a pretty color but way more blue than what Lagoon is. Its a little hard in my opinion to tell exactly from the Imagine screen if the color looks correct. Even though after I put the code I thought that it didn't match the Lagoon color. Here is what Lagoon should look like.

The blue that came out is a brighter blue. I still used it beacuse I thought it went well enough. But just make sure if its a big project you might want to test print the colors to make sure they match well. I think the Lagoon looks off on the website as well. So will have to see if anyone else shares thier version og the Lagoon color.

Here's another view of the card.

So overall this card was really simple to use. I never used the waxy flax before and let me just say its great. Way easier than using thread, and make the button look way nicer. While using the RBG codes the Imagine will store what looks like about 16 custom colors. I hope in future updates we can have an unlimited number of custom colors, and be able to name them!

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  1. Thanks for the link--once my machine gets here I will have to give this a try as I use a lot of CTMH--wonder if there is a RGB shart for Paper Trey Ink--off to search the web!

  2. Hi there! I was gifted an Imagine, and purchased same mini monsters cartridge, but since I've never had a Cricut, I'm a little unfamiliar with sizing. I want to be able to shadow my monsters the way you shadowed the words on your card, but I can't seem to figure out how to set it so they are proportional? Could you explain to me how you did that?

    Since this is so new, there is zero info out there! You can email me if it's easier, jdsmithfamily at yahoo dot com, thank you!