Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Decor with the Cricut...Halloween Ornamnets with Pumpkin Carving And Martha Stewart Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter

Got some more Halloween decor made today. I made some Halloween glow-in-the-dark glittered balls. These were super easy to make. I made some Christmas ornaments last year using this same technique. I never thought of making them for Halloween but saw on the Cricut message board someone had made these. I thought they looked cool and I would try a set for me.

Here is a video link on YouTube that gives a great overview and tutorial on how to make these glittered balls:

The secret to making these decorations is Pledge Future Shine Floor Wax. I know sounds crazy, but the floor wax acts as an adhesive inside the ball and makes the glitter stick very well.

The materials I used for this project were:

Glass ornaments
Cricut with the Pumpkin Carving Cart
Orange Cling Vinyl
Pledge Future Shine Floor Wax
Martha Stewart Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter
Halloween ribbons from Michaels

If you haven't used the glow in the dark glitter by Martha you are missing out on a wonderful product. This glitter really glows bright in the dark, especially after expose to a direct bright light. This glitter is more chunkier than other Martha Stewart's glitter, probably to help make it glow better. The Future Shine works best with the ultra fine glitters. You can see in the above picture with the cat silhouette there are some lightly covered areas. This doesn't seem to affect the glowing in the dark, because it still glows very bright.

In the two pictures above I mixed in some ultra fine glitters for the hand silhouette (purple) and for the witch silhouette (silver). These look great as well, but do not glow as bright in the dark. It seemed the ultra fine glitter adhered to the inside of the ball a lot more. I tried this two different ways. Mixing the two glitters together and then putting them into the ball (done with the purple) and then putting the glow in the dark glitter first and then adding the ultra fine glitter next (separately) (done with the silver). Both outcomes seemed the same. The ultra fine glitter seemed to stick to the glass more.

So I think it's just what your preference is. I like both, but like just using the Glow-in-the-Dark glitter by itself better. I wanted to use this glitter to see it glow so that is why I'm liking it by itself better.

And I tried to get some pics of the glow but it is kinda hard to come out in a pic. Here are the best I could do. But trust me, these balls glow really bright.

This was a fun and quick project! I cut the images from the Cricut cart at 2 1/2 inches, seems to be a good size. Thanks for stopping by and please become a follower or leave a comment if you like.


  1. LOVE THIS!! You did a great job!!!


  2. Love how the ornaments came out.

  3. These are amazing Beau! I would never have thought to use this cart in this fashion. I've always wanted to make a Halloween tree (I have lots of picture of of ones I've seen). Well, I might have to drive an hour to Michael's this weekend...enabler you!