Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Album with June Tailor Quick Fuse & Cricut Imagine

When I was watching the premier of the Cricut Imagine on HSN I was really intrigued by the example they used of using printable fabric. I had never seen inkjet printable iron-on fabric before. I have made T-shirts with T-shirt iron-on transfers, and those these work, I think this will work so much better. Also I probably would have never have used T-shirt iron-ons to make a scrapbook cover.

I bought this album at Michaels on clearance, a Martha Stewart 8X8 album. It was cream colored canvas. A great album but very plain. So I decided to use the Cricut Imagine and the June Tailor Quick Fuse fabric iron-on sheets to embellish the front. I used the Nursery Tails cart. Making this album for a friend who just had her first baby girl.

I found the June Tailor Quick Fuse sheets at Joanns in the fabric department. I think they carry these at Michaels also. Here is a link to them at

I used the white sheets, they also have them in cream colored. It printed so well with the Imagine. Word of caution though, make sure and use a very sticky mat. Towards the end of the cut it moved around on the mat while it was cutting. Luckily I was able to stop the cut and finish cutting it out by hand. I don't think this would have happened if the mat was really sticky.

Once it was printed it was super easy to iron it on the front of the canvas scrapbook. It only took about a minute. I went around the scalloped edges a little more just to make sure. And it is stuck down very well. I tried to bring up the edges with my fingernail to see if it would unstick, but it didn't. It is adhered to the book very well.

Just another pic, sorry a little unclear, still using my iPhone.

To see how it worked on a t-shirt I punched out some shapes from the left overs of the sheet. I just wanted to see how it was on a shirt. Here's the pic.

This also adhered very well to the t-shirt fabric. I also tried to get it to come up on the edge but it did not. Stuck down very well. And this is a darker shade shirt and the white worked really well. The darkness of the shirt didn't change the color of the white, which is great. Was thinking it might show through. I can't wait to make some t-shirts with these sheets. Especially once I get some of the other Imagine carts, like JT, Yummy, or Kate's Kitchen.

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  1. LOVE IT!!! What a great idea! I made t-shirts for my mom and dad all the time so they can sport their grand kids faces to all the wonderful places grandparents go. ;) I'll have to try this for their next works of art!