Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enveloboxes For Bulky Cards using Martha Stewart Score Board and the Scor-Pal

 I have had a few people ask me how I planned out mailing the cards with the mini clothespins. I really hadn't thought about it. So I did a little search today on how to make enveloboxes, or box envelopes. I found two good resources so far using the Martha Stewart Score Board and the Scor-Pal (which I have both and don't know why, lol)

They were both very easy to put together and i think the instructions I found were simple to follow.

First I'll feature the envelobox I made with the Martha Stewart Score Board.

Here is the links for the instructions.

From the Another Messy Crafter blog

Picture of envelobox upright

Side view, 1/2 wide

How the mini clothespin cards look inside

Now here's the envelobox made using the Scor-Pal

And here's the link to the instructions

(just a note I made this envelobox to fit a 6X6 inch card, this PDF has instructions for a variety of sizes)

Side view, a little under a 1/4 wide

How one of the clothespin cards looks in it

I think both of these enveloboxes would work well. The one that was made from the Martha Score Board gives you a lot of room inside the box. The bulky embellishments on the card were not pressed up against the envelobox and the shape of the envelobox did not change. But I don't know how this would mail. I'm sure it would be extra postage and I don't know how it would hold up en route. I think I would use this to place on a gift or in a gift bag. Maybe adding some chipboard or cardboard inside would make it more strurdy. When putting this together there was a large edge to apply adhesive to make the envelope stay stuck together.
The envelobox made from the Scor-Pal was a much less wide and not as much room inside. The clothespin card was pressed on the inside of the envelope and you could tell there was something bulky in the envelope. I do think this would be able to be mailed better than the other envelobox. And would be perfect for a card with embellishments on pop dots. There wasn't much room on the edge to add adhesive to put the card together. If I was gonna mail this out I would definitely use some red tape.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope this answered a few questions or gives you some ideas.
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