Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On The Edge Printing For Cricut Imagine (The New Update: Edge-to-Edge Printing)

So I decided to update the Imagine today with the new firmware update. It was very easy, really no problems. The only think was my computer wanted to install a driver when I hooked up the USB, I cancelled that because I didn't think that was necessary. And it has worked out well.

The first think I wanted to try was edge-to-edge printing. I didn't think I would use this feature when it was talked about, but now I see the possibility of having nicely coordinated projects and pages. I love the JT Art cart and the patterns that come with this cart are awesome. So this is so great will be able to print full 12X12 sheets.

So far I have printed 2 full 12x12 sheets. They come out great, and looks like I bought them from a scrapbook store. I don't know how much the cost ends up being per sheet, but I'm sure its no more than I would spend at the store, and hopefully cheaper.

Here are some pics from what the mat looks like and the finished pages:

Full sheet printed
The edge of that sheet, it covers so well

Here is the next sheet, before I took it off the mat

Sheet of the mat, prints all the way to the edge

Here's the mat after the print, you can see some ink around the edges of the mat

Close up of the ink on the mat

And here's the mat after I cleaned it.

I didn't take long for the machine to print the paper, seemed like under a minute, but I wasn't timing. The ink left on the mat came off very easy. What I used was a paper towel and a multi-purpose cleaner, Method brand to be exact. I just sprayed a little on the paper towel and wiped the edges. Just to let you know the ink on the mat is still wet, so don't touch it or you will get some ink on your fingers, but that comes off easy as well also.

I am really liking this feature, and happy Provo Craft put this update in. Working on a banner using the JT cart. Will post the project with details when done.

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  1. omg I love the JT cartridge and you did a great job thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love the paper you did.
    To techie for me though, LOL