Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off Crafting Topic, Pepsi Refresh Project

Please vote for this idea and cause on the Pepsi Refresh Project. It only takes a few seconds. I got an email from a good friend and wanted to share it here.

Hi Guys!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this Pepsi Refresh Project, where they are giving away money to a lot of great causes. One of my very close family friends, Casey, has a degenerative neurologic disorder called Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAD). Unfortunately, although completely mentally intact, at 19 years old, she is bound to a wheelchair and has trouble moving and speaking. However, researchers have found a very promising treatment which, if successful, Casey could walk and possibly fully recover one day.

If you have a free minute, please help and vote for Hannah's Hope Project, a fund started by another mother of a child named Hannah with this very same disorder. The money will fund a trial that Casey will be a part of, and that will hopefully one day bring to light a cure for this terrible disease.

Casey is in the video on the link.

Hannah's Hope Fund was blessed to win this funding in August, however an additional 1.2 million dollars is needed to completely fund the trial. Every vote can help, so please take a minute and vote for Hannah's Hope Fund for my friend Casey!

Thanks so much, hope everyone has a great week!


So please vote for this project. I also put a button to the right of the blog. Also please share this with all your friends, family, and colleagues. Every vote counts!

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