Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Keith Haring!!! And a Keith Yudu Project!

So I have been absolutely obsessed with Keith Haring as of late. I had always liked the images I've seen of his, but never really knew much about him. I watched an amazing and highly recommended documentary about his life and art called The Universe of Keith Haring. It was beyond inspiring, beautiful, and sad. He was truly an incredible artist that brought simple beauty to the world for all to enjoy. He wanted his art to be accessible to anyone and everyone, and wanted us all to see that art and creativity is an important gift to mankind.

Watching this movie, reading about him, and looking through his body of work has made a huge impact on me. And not to sound too sentimental, my perception about many things have been altered. He did so much, and wanted to do so much more, before his beyond to soon passing. Today would have been his 53rd birthday, so I want to say Happy Birthday Keith, your legacy and life still inspires us all, and thank you for all that you were able to accomplish in your short time here.

My guy and I were able to go to a gallery opening today of a collection of his works at the Gladstone Gallery here in the city. It was amazing and beautiful. It reaffirmed my love for NYC and to continue to commit to live life to the fullest and find joy in all we do, life is too short and to beautiful to waste time.

So now on to the craft project! Awhile ago I bought some neon inks for the YuDu. I really had no idea what I would use them for, but loving the 80's I knew I would find a use. And I did. One night while looking at some Keith Haring images I found these line drawings of a robot DJ and a dog DJ. I thought it would look cool to combine them together to make a shirt. It was very easy to combine these images in Photoshop to have one overall image to burn a screen. Because there were some fine lines I used the 220 mesh screen. (the higher the mesh count, the finer the detail that can be achieved). I really loved the way this turned out and can't wait to wear it.

Here's another fun image of the shirt with the vivid option on my camera.

Thanks for stopping by. Not my usual like post but hope you enjoyed!

Please read up on Keith Haring if you interested, you will not be disappointed!


  1. Your shirt turned out great - the neon colors are perfect! Keith Haring was amazing - thanks for sharing.

  2. This is great! I've seen that artwork before but never knew anything about the artist. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Beau,
    The shirt is amazing! I gotta, gotta get a yudu. Thanks for sharing info on Keith Haring. In my small world I didn't know of him. Now I do and he lives on. Thanks so much.

  4. Your fabric art is amazing. I am so impressed, it is so clear and crisp.
    I will have to read up on this artist, he sounds like he is an inspiration to you.

  5. This shirt rocks! Thanks for the art lesson!