Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to reality...Vacation is Over

No craftyness to share today, but thought I would share some pics from our latest vacation. We went up to Toronto for 5 nights last week. We have always loved this city and have visited many times before. But the last visit was over 5 years ago before we moved to New York City. It was nice to go back a little less wild and crazy and enjoy the sites, and not just go up to party all night, lol. (even though we had a few fun late nights thrown in)

The above picture is from Toronto Island. Beautiful! It was like Central Park on an island. I would be there all the time if we lived up there, and jealous NYC doesn't have a place like this with a huge park and a beautiful beach combined.

We walked around a lot of new areas we never visited before. The Distillery was a really cool area, lots of fun shops and public art. Here are some photos of that.



Bought! This was our big purchase, put it up tonight! Looks great near the T.V.

Amazing sculpture!

Felt like we were in the Incredibles

Here;s another pic from the Toronto Island. NYC not that far away. It was on the end of a long pier. Never realized how big Lake Ontario is. Felt like we were at the ocean.

And on the way home (we drove) stopped by Niagara Falls. What a beautiful and inspiring place. I could watch the falls all day. It was so beautiful out, the sky was so clear. It was super hot though. The heat wave was just beginning.

Not my usual post but wanted to share these pics. Had such a good time. Now another trip I need to scrap, I am getting so behind. Planning on some crafting time this weekend! It is suppose to be 100 degrees over the weekend in the city. Too hot for the beach for me. I would rather stay in the AC and craft. Hopefully I stick to that plan.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time.


  1. Hey Beau! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Wonderful photos. Great pieces for the livingroom so much fun. Wish we had the beach here we've had 100+ deree days for the past 25 days...ugh KS. I saw over on Tracy's blog you mentioned copics. I'm just starting with them myself and found Art Supply Warehouse on-line has great prices. My understanding in August prices are going up for wholesalers. Have a good one!

  2. So happy you enjoyed yourself on my side of the border :)
    I have been to Toronto once....in the airport, lol.
    Love your photo's

    I sent you an email about the Copics but my email won't work here in the hotel :(
    I get mine from oozak.com They come to $4.15 a marker if you sign up.