Friday, September 16, 2011

Halloween Crafting: Glittered Witches Hat

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love decorating the house for this time of year. We usually decorate the house around this time and keep the Halloween decor up until we decorate for Christmas.

I saw this paper mache hat at Michales and knew it would look really great glittered, and maybe sitting on top of the television. I recently picked up some Scor-Tape at my LSS. I had read that it adhered glitter very well. It did not disappoint and worked really well.

I used Making Memories and Martha Stewart ultrafine glitters. The Score-Tape is really sticky so I am sure coarser glitter and microbeads would work well also.

Start of the bands

For the brim of the hat I used Martha Stewart glittering glue and her black glitter. It worked out well and looks really nice. I recently purchased some new acyclic paints from Michales by Martha Stewart. They are now selling a new line of acrylic paints by her which include different types: gloss, satin, pearl, metallic, and glitter. The bottle of the glitter paints states it can be used for metal, glass, wood, and fabric, also indoor/outdoor. I thought it would work for the paper mache hat but it did not. The glitter paint did not spread well on the paper mache. I wonder if the glitter paint does not work well on paper materials. Will have to try in the future on other paper materials and post my findings here.
Finished look

Like the sparkle

This was a fun and quick project to complete. I have some more Halloween glitter projects in mind and hope to get them complete and posted here. Till next time...

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