Sunday, August 30, 2015

Candy Corn Trees - Halloween Decor - Tim Holtz Trees

This was a fun project to do and turned out as planned, which doesn't always seem to happen when you find ideas on Pintrest.

Back in July we took a mini vacation to Montreal. A great town to visit. While we were there we went to a cute Christmas/Holiday shop and they had an awesome Halloween section. On their display were these cute little candy corn trees in the Halloween village they had on display. I kept that in the back of my mind so I could possibly make some of these for our own Halloween village display. When we got home I did a Pintrest search for candy corn trees and found a link to Tim Holtz blog with a tutorial.

Often times I do a Pintrest search and find great projects to work on but they don't always come out as planned. But Tim Holtz's provided great instructions and allowed me to have a beautiful project outcome. 

Click on his link for the details. Here are my pics of my process below. I followed his instructions to the T and found it to be very quick. Took me less than an hour to do. I did a Periscope of the process and wanted to share the video but it didn't save. I am new to the app so will need to play with it again to see how to set up video saves.

Products used, I got the tress and stains from Joanns

Used painter tape to cover area I didn't want to stain

How it looks after the spray

Use of paper towel to get excess stain off, my fingers were yellow and orange after this.

Making little cones to cover top of trees

The orange stain was really vibrant

Added some glitter to a few to make them sparkle

This was a fun project and I would recommend doing. I think for Christmas I will try and make some candy cane trees and maybe some red and green ones.

Thanks for stopping by - till next time.


  1. those would be perfect for my Halloween village! Love this tutorial!

    1. Thanks Danielle. They were actually pretty easy. I also saw some white trees on amazon from a different company that I might try out next time. If I get them I will do a post about how they worked out.