Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cross Stitch Projects

Over the past year I have done a few cross stitch projects. Something fun to do while binge watching tv, aka Netflixing. 

I have gotten a number of patterns and projects from PixelPower. You can find them at Really fun designs based on movies, tv, music, ect. Kind of geeky, nerdy, and a little hipster. 

Here are a couple that I have completed.

Currently I am working on a set of projects to give to a friend as a gift for Halloween. I will post them at a later time.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time.



  1. I haven't stitched in ages…your work is lovely.
    And fun :)
    I was so excited to see a comment from you…its been forever since I have heard from you, or have visited you (sorry)
    So happy to see you are still creating :)

    1. Hi Tracy, yes its been too long! I will be getting back into it and back to posting! Great to hear from you